Tag: Stochastic Modeling

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Effects of Auxin and Source of Explants on Callus Induction of Tropical Maize
Transmission coordination for ad hoc networks
Transmission Capacity of Two-Way Communication in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
RTS/CTS Data Link Abstractions for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Delay on broadcast erasure channels under random linear combinations
Structural and Optimization Properties for Joint Selection of Source Rates and Network Flow
Properties of an Aloha-like stability region
Multilevel Diversity Coding Systems: Rate Regions, Codes, Computation, & Forbidden Minors
On the Incompatibility of Connectivity and Local Pooling in Random Graphs
Capacity Scaling of Ad Hoc Networks with Spatial Diversity
Towards an integrated model of the NIC layered implosions
Longest edge routing on the spatial Aloha graph

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