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For God and the Empire: The Medal of the Order of the British Empire 1917-1922
Syllabus The Collective Afterlife of Things: Visual Culture and the Aesthetics of Extinction
Under the Crown: Evolving Interpretations of the Office of Australian Governor-General as Constitutional Link to the British Empire, 1890-1891 (Chapters One & Three)
their unalienable right and privilege : New Brunswick's Challenge to the Militarization of the British Empire, 1807-1814
Visual Culture of the 2016 US Elections Construction, Manipulation and Reception in the Public.
Imperial Circuits and Networks: Geographies of the British Empire 1
How Britannia Ruled the Waves: Teaching the History of the British Empire in the Twenty-First Century
Visual Culture of the Classical World at Durham
Investigating the invisible Optics and visual culture of the French merveilleux-scientifique genre (1880-1930)
J.B. Milner-Thornton, the Long Shadow of the British Empire: the Ongoing Legacies of Race and Class in Zambia, Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2012..
Hindenburg Disaster Pictures : Awarding A Multifaceted Icon , Getting the Picture: The History and Visual Culture of the News, (Edited by Vanessa Schwartz & Jason Hill, London, Bloomsbury), p. 252-258.
How and Why did the British view of the Natives change during the course of the British Empire in India and Africa?
The Company-State: Corporate Sovereignty and the Early Modern Foundations of the British Empire in India
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