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ATLANTIC-CAMTRAPS: a dataset of medium and large terrestrial mammal communities in the Atlantic Forest of South America
Does Acacia dealbata express shade tolerance in Mediterranean forest ecosystems of South America?
January and July regional climate simulation over South America
Editorial Prospects of Research in South America: The Case of Colombia
Total Phenolics and Antioxidant Capacity of Vegetables Grown in the Southwestern Andes Region of South America
Book Review of Demographic Change and Ethnic Survival among the Sedentary Populations on the Jesuit Mission Frontiers of Spanish South America, 1609-1803: The Formation and Persistence of Mission Communities in a Comparative Context
Suprascapular ligament ossification and nerve entrapment in a modern skeleton from the central coast of Patagonia, Southern South America CASE REPORT
rade and Maritime Transport between Africa and South America Natural Resources and Infrastructure Division Transport Unit
The potential for hub ports on the Pacific coast of South America
Nitrogen management challenges in major watersheds of South America
Linguistic Diversity Zones and Cartographic Modeling: GIS as a Method for Understanding the Prehistory of Lowland South America
Subregional Report on Animal Genetic Resources: South America
Origin of atmospheric aerosols at the Pierre Auger Observatory using studies of air mass trajectories in South America
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