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Early Iron Age Greek Pottery in Cyprus and North Syria: A Consumption-oriented Approach (1999).
Production, Circulation and Consumption of Early Iron Age Greek Pottery (Eleventh to Seventh Centuries BC) (1999).
Iron Age Landscapes of the Benue River Valley, Cameroon. Journal of Field Archaeology 42(5): (2017)
The Complexity and Fragility of Early Iron Age Urbanism in West-Central Temperate Europe - Journal of World Prehistory 2017
Cassibile revisited: rock-cut monuments and the configuration of Late Bronze Age and Iron Age sites in southeast Sicily
Sacrifice Horse Remains from Late Bronze-Early Iron Age of South Moldova: A Study of Dental and Limb Bone Morphology
New Data about the Late Bronze Age Metallurgy in the District of Shumen.
Iron Age sites in the Ciorna River basin
Studying the Ancient Metallurgy of Qazvin Plain (Iron Age II) Based on the Metal Samples Discovered from Iron Age Graves at Sagzabad Cemetery.......The Iranian plateau
Mapping the Rise of Iron Metallurgy in the Iron Age Levant
R.Kunze (2017): Living and working in Late Bronze/Early Iron Age Georgia: The settlements of Udabno in Kakheti (eastern Georgia) and a contribution to metallurgy based on a field survey in the upper Alazani River basin (Studies in Caucasian
Copper-base metallurgy in Late Iron Age Cambodia: Evidence from Lovea
Ancient blacksmiths, the Iron Age, Damascus steels, and modern metallurgy
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