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An experimental study on heat transfer of CO 2 solidegas two phase flow with dry ice sublimation
New Copper(I)/DBU Catalyst System for the Carboxylative Cyclization of Propargylic Amines with Atmospheric CO 2 : An Experimental and Theoretical Study
Prolonged infection by Fonsecaea pedrosoi after antigenic co-stimulation at different sites in experimental murine chromoblastomycosis
Experimental Investigations into the Effect of Process Parameters and Nano-Powder (Fe 2 O 3 ) on Material Removal Rate During Micro-EDM of Co-Cr-Mo
Maladjusted Host Immune Responses Induce Experimental Cerebral Malaria-Like Pathology in a Murine Borrelia and Plasmodium Co-Infection Model
Responses of soil extracellular enzyme activities to experimental warming and CO 2 enrichment at the alpine treeline
Experimental convulsions in rats induced by intraventricular administration of kynurenine and structurally related compounds || Published in: Neuropharmacology 1984, 23: 333-337 || Author: Roberto Colombo (3) + 4 co-authors || Impact Factor: 4.9
Experimental Study of Reactive Flow in an Eau Claire Fracture Exposed to CO 2-Rich Brine
Silver ores smelting process in reverberatory furnace (Santa-Isabel mine, XVIIth c., dept of Potosi, Bolivia) :experimental approach of a south-american invention
proof-of-concept experimental model of human anxiety 2 receptor antagonist R317573 in the 7.5% CO 1 Preliminary evidence of anxiolytic effects of the CRF
Tundra Co 2 Fluxes in Response to Experimental Warming Across Latitudinal and Moisture Gradients
Co-morbidity and systemic inflammation as drivers of cognitive decline: new experimental models adopting a broader paradigm in dementia research
Copper Plus Tin Plus People: Public Co-smelting Experimentation in Northwestern Iberia
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