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Early Dynastic copper tools from Abu Rawash
The Characterization of Gold Layers on Copper Artifacts from the Piura Valley (Peru) in the Early Intermediate Period
Northen Italy araund 2200 cal BC - from Copper Age to Early Bronze Age: continuity and/or discontinuity?
Analysis of the fuel wood used in Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age copper mining sites of the Schwaz and Brixlegg area (Tyrol, Austria)
"Copper Smelting at Chrysokamino: Reconstructing Early Bronze Age Metallurgy." Poster with Lucas Stephens, Philip B. Betancourt, George H. Myer, and Jamie T. Ford, 2014 Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America
A mineralogical and geochemical study of copper smelter slags from the Iron II cemetery at Tepe Sagzabad, Qazvin Plain, Iran
Geophysical prospections and archaeological investigations of Late Neolithic - Early Copper Age sites from the Republic of Moldova (2014-2015) (in Romanian)
Conflict or Coexistence: Steppe and Agricultural Societies in the Early Copper Age of the Northwest Black Sea Area
Geophysical and archaeological research on the Neolithic and Early Copper Age site of Nicolaevca V in Northern Moldova
Analytical Assessment of Chaltasian Slag: Evidence of Early Copper Production in the Central Plateau of Iran
Pottery and regional mobility in southern Sardinia (Italy) during the Early Copper Age: A petrological approach
Early Copper Age Settlements in the Koros Region of the Great Hungarian Plain
Interpolating Geochemical Patterning of Activity Zones at Late Neolithic and Early Copper Age Settlements in Eastern Hungary
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