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START OF THE EARLY BRONZE AGE in the stories of Adam-Eva and Cain-Abel
2016, Flaux C., Rouchet P., Popova T., Sternberg M., Guibal F., Talon B., Baralis A., Panayatova K., Morhange C., Riapov A., An Early Bronze Age pile-dwelling settlement discovered in Alepu lagoon (municipality of Sozopol, department of Burgas),
An Early Bronze Age pile-dwelling settlement of discovered in Alepu lagoon (municipality of Sozopol, department of Burgas), Bulgaria04 Flaux etal. Med126(1).pdf
Northen Italy araund 2200 cal BC - from Copper Age to Early Bronze Age: continuity and/or discontinuity?
Simple bone tools from Early Bronze Age Tell Fadous-Kfarabida (Lebanon): a household approach
Economic and Political Organization of Early Bronze Age Coastal Communities: Tell Fadous-Kfarabida as a Case Study
Crafting Community: Exploring Identity and Interaction through Ceramics in late Neolithic and early Bronze Age Northwestern China
Fruits of their Labour: Urbanisation, Orchard Crops, and Dental Health in Early Bronze Age Jordan
"Copper Smelting at Chrysokamino: Reconstructing Early Bronze Age Metallurgy." Poster with Lucas Stephens, Philip B. Betancourt, George H. Myer, and Jamie T. Ford, 2014 Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America
"The Earlier Prepalatial Settlement of Poros-Katsambas: craft production and exchange at the harbour town of Knossos", N. Dimopoulou, D.E. Wilson and P.M. Day, in P.M. Day and R. Doonan (eds.), Metallurgy in the Early Bronze Ag
Metallurgy Developments in Azerbaijan from the Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age: Recent archaeometallurgical research in the middle Kura River valley (2017)
Appropriating Tin-Bronze: A Regional Study of the History of Metallurgy in Early Bronze Age Southern Mesopotamia
Catapotis, M. (2007) On the Spatial Organisation of Copper Smelting Activities in the Southern Aegean during the Early Bronze Age, in P.M. Day and R.C.P. Doonan (eds.) Metallurgy in the Early Bronze Age Aegean, Sheffield Studies in Aegean Archae
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