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Synthesis and characterization of monometallic rhenium( i ) complexes and their application as selective sensors for copper( ii ) ions
Identity of long-range surface plasmons along asymmetric structures and their potential for refractometric sensors
Electrical properties of a-Se_85-xTe_15Sn_x thin films
Review Paper on Analytical Study of Active Power Filters, Harmonic Disturbance and their Application for Power Quality Improvement
Development of new sol-gel carbon composite electrodes and their application as electrochemical sensors
Carbonaceous adsorbents prepared by physical activation of pine sawdust and their application for removal of NO 2 in dry and wet conditions
Roles of type II thioesterases and their application for secondary metabolite yield improvement
Physical and pyroelectric properties of tantalum-oxide-doped lead zirconium titanate [Pb0.9950(Zr0.525Ti0.465Ta0.010)O3] thin films and their application for IR sensors
Specificity and sensitivity evaluation of novel and existing Bacteroidales and Bifidobacteria-specific PCR assays on feces and sewage samples and their application for microbial source tracking in Ireland.
Tribological Properties of Nanocomposite CrC x /a-C:H Thin Films
Cross entropy measures of bipolar and interval bipolar neutrosophic sets and their application for multi-attribute decision making
Humidity-sensitive electrical properties of MgAl sub (2) O sub (4) thin films.
On the Electrical and Optical Properties of Some Poly(Azomethine Sulfone)s in Thin Films
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